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System Version Release date Filename/Link Size Maintainer
TAR ball 3.5.1 06-May-2014 monitorix-3.5.1.tar.gz 214KiB Jordi Sanfeliu
Red Hat monitorix-3.5.1-1.noarch.rpm
Arch Linux 3.5.1 06-May-2014 Arch User Repository (AUR) graysky
Fedora 3.5.1 06-May-2014 Fedora & EPEL update[2] Christopher Meng
Debian 3.5.1 08-May-2014 monitorix_3.5.1-izzy1_all.deb
(Izzy Repository)
Andreas Itzchak Rehberg
Gentoo 3.5.1 23-May-2014[1] Matthew Connelly
FreeBSD 3.4.0 21-Dec-2013 FreshPorts - sysutils/monitorix Chris Rees


Please note that this package may not yet be marked as stable in portage, and users wishing to install the latest available version should unmask this package. emerge can do this for you, or you can add www-misc/monitorix ~(ARCH) to /etc/portage/package.keywords, where (ARCH) is your architecture (x86, amd64 and so on).

Fedora users should better use the command yum install monitorix to install Monitorix in their systems.

SHA1 checksum

a249f76aac76ada00f54be057d60587c03166781 monitorix-3.5.1-1.noarch.rpm
a3917faacec2ab18736a9184083dca21048568f2 monitorix-3.5.1-1.src.rpm
cb1948cd4ddfc7030a2558ca7e0cadac459f6a87 monitorix-3.5.1.tar.gz
31d8711d8a398ecbca5803e8a7ca164cc2546450 monitorix_3.5.1-izzy1_all.deb

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git clone

Perl, RRDtool and its Perl bindings are required as part of the main package.
Other Perl modules are also required.

There is an archive of old Monitorix versions here.