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If you or your company enjoy making regular use of this software, please consider making a donation to the author to support open source effort.

Donations are important for any Free and Open Source Software project.

How to donate

Please click on the button below to make a donation via PayPal.

Thank you very much for any donation!
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The following people and organizations (listed with permission and in chronological order) have contributed or continue contributing with money, equipment, or services to the Monitorix project:
  • H&H Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast
  • Hudson Robotics
  • Traveling Vineyard
  • Honeywell
  • Wohnideen
  • Satkit Solder Stations
  • Degree Council
  • Movers Dc Area
  • Unique Homes & Property
  • Toronto MLS Listings
  • Life Insurance Quotes
  • Calgary Real Estate Investment
  • FibraNet NSP

If you are a donor please feel free to request to appear on this list.